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Glenn Bill's Purchase Mentality

For Mortgage Companies and Loan Originators



The skills provided in this cutting-edge training from one of the Nation’s Top performing Agent’s will be invaluable for your team. Glenn has been prospected, cold called, approached and annoyed by loan originators non-stop.

Here it from the “horse’s mouth” on how you can target, Approach, Engage and Close more REALTOR Business than ever before.

This training and Keynote is delivered with the passion from America’s #1 Attitude Speaker and is relevant and dead on from someone who actually is in the arena of sales.

STOP having other loan originators train what they do, get a fresh approach from someone who truly understands why REALTORS do business with the loan originator’s they choose.

Your team will learn the following in this cutting-edge, original training:

  • The Four Mentalities for SUCCESS- Expectation, Skills and Communication, Effort and Value
  • The Formulas and Process for High Level Agent Relationships
  • The Secret to Market Dominance
  • Leveraging your Attitude
  • 10 Ways to know if you ACTUALLY own your REALTOR
  • 12 ways to lead-in and Engage a REALTOR
  • 2 Ways to Hook a Sales Manager
  • A Great Presentation for Agents
  • 10 Ways to use Social Media to get Loans
  • Capitalizing on an Agent’s Emotional Needs
  • Approaches for the FOUR Different Types of Agents
  • 3 ways to be a Resource
  • 20 Ideas to get Purchase Business
  • 9 Reasons Agents choose their Lender
  • Follow-up strategies
  • Clarity on their end game

Glenn has been interviewed several times on the Mortgage Coach National Webinar